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Today, we live in an innovation economy that is distributed and driven by technology. We believe creating innovators is now the standard of preparing our talent.


In our innovation economy, our companies must innovate and grow their opportunities in an increasingly accessible global market. Creating innovators from within our companies will be a growing demand internally.


The propelling force of the innovation economy are entrepreneurs. Incubating startups, ideas and businesses will be the highest value of economic development in our cities as we move deeper into the 21st century.

Aaron Brown

KTY Innovation

Ajane Chavez

Based Vintage

Elon Hufana Founder

Tie in

Janet Nguyen

Founder @KTY Innovation

Kura Peng

OSI Soft

Lucian Drogo

Augmented Robotics

Luis Fernandez

Shannon Leigh Design

Romney Cola

Solar Space

Shahir Ali Meediya Lab

Meediya Lab

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