Propel your city’s future, with people from your city.


Building cross-sector innovation ecosystems from within our communities to create emotionally invested smart cities.

Prototype City

San Leandro

San Leandro has dedicated itself to transform into a center for innovation and technology since 2012. Since, the city has worked on building its innovation ecosystem for the future. We are here to compliment and accelerate this vision for the city.

Key Initiatives

• Fiber optic broadband loop
• Clean energy power plant
• Chief Innovation Officer
• School district on the move

Building our cities from within.


We believe that connecting with our emotionally invested citizens become the cornerstone for success of smarter cities.


Connecting people in disparate areas of our cities enable local innovation engines that power the future of the community.


When people are connected in our city, they are empowered to pilot and innovate their cities into the future of what it can be.

Our premier cross-sector program.


Our industries are companies, organizations, businesses and economic engines to our cities. They become drivers of economic development and the function of innovation. We are partnering with industry innovators and leaders to provide industry experiences to our students to propel the future of our industries by developing the next generation of users, human resources and innovators.


We are partnering with our educators to transform our local classrooms into real-time workforce incubators to deliver living curriculum that propels relevant learning developed by industry, market responsive learning and real-time systems for workforce development. We are excited to transform the paradigm of how industry and education partners to create perpetual industry relevant experiences to our future innovators and workforce.


Where is the synchronisity?

Our educator sector is built on 20th century models of learning based on centralized, assembly line formats of learning that has developed insulated models of curriculum. Meanwhile, our industry is built on evolving markets and constant change.


A living, breathing curriculum.

Our education system must respond to the future of our industries to prepare our students for relevant material consistently. We are developing living curriculum with our industries to deliver together into the classroom.

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